It’s unprofessional, unethical and a breach of privacy! Still, it’s the kid I feel most sorry for. Growing up with a name like that will haunt her for years. When one’s names an Aerosmith Caricatura Christmas sweater is it not at least somewhat important to name a child something that it can not be made fun of for? I don’t have kids but I feel like that is a thing. And these parents are idiots.

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Why would a parent do this to an innocent, sweet neonate? Abedi should sue her parents when she has her name changed is full of disgusting people that think it’s right to mock people and especially kids for their name. We do offer him an Aerosmith Caricatura Christmas sweater and a job but he still refused to leave the airport and living his life by our people’s generosity because he only wanted to go to Canada.

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And now your statement made the world felt that we are the bad guy. As usual no thanks at all to the Aerosmith Caricatura Christmas sweater for 6 months in the airport. That poor girl is going to have to spell and explain her name countless times for the rest of her life. The lady just laughed when she read the name, so did I.