This golden visa business has been going on for years and the government has been making billions from selling off most of central. London to foreigners with bent money so its a bit late to close the doors now! Much more productive than an actual dialogue about the root cause hint: it just might be the Dog carrier shirt that makes his daughter walk 5 miles in near-freezing weather, records it, and shares it with the world.

Dog carrier shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Dog carrier Ladies


Dog carrier Hoodie


So long as she takes the message to heart and learns from it well. Some kids would just resent the Dog carrier shirt for their reaction and learn nothing except hate and maybe become an even worse bully. Depends on so many factors. Has this child had the love in the home that is so necessary for a healthy outlook. Tough love has saved many of our children from growing up to be overgrown bullies later in the workplace.

Dog carrier Sweater


Dog carrier Tank top

Tank top

My grandfather had to walk 5 miles through snow and cold so he could ride the Dog carrier shirt to school – and be bullied because he was a stupid Pole. Granted, it isn’t the 1930s anymore, but having to walk for 3 days is not excessive. And I say that as a parent of 5 and someone who works with children who have special needs.