I totally believe this makes me so sick, always acting like he is so honest and on the right side, yet I know he is a snake in the grass. He has been anti from the beginning. But more importantly, he has been anti we the people! He didn’t like who we voted for don’t even think about running for President. We the people will and he needs to leave if he can’t support his agenda and do what is best for the country. He makes me sick now. He is the swamp. We’re the Draining the swamp shirt in control and he did nothing to use that position. We haven’t had many opportunities to control the Congress and the white house and these so-called leaders are wasting it by not helping our President achieve greatness.

Draining the swamp shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Draining the swamp Ladies


Draining the swamp Hoodie


Some say he is incompetent, maybe so but I think his inaction on what has been uncovered on Russian investigation is intentional, that in itself is criminal by his inaction. Holding your seats is another huge reason. Don’t want bad mouthed for pushing, passing policies bc you might not get re-elected. Keep it up I’ve been watching you and I love it! Neither are interested in the Draining the swamp shirt in their own party agendas. Let’s see some true patriots, not nationalists. Speaker to oppose any enforcement of subpoenas and the reputation of Congress itself to protect the swamp.

Draining the swamp Sweater


Draining the swamp Tank top

Tank top

Corruption on both sides of the Draining the swamp shirt to be investigated. I’m tired of elected officials not doing what they run on. It’s ruining our country while they line their pockets and turn away from why we put them there in the first place. Stop talking about it and get it done. If you don’t, I am sure Americans will get it done for it. We will vote your asses out of Senate and house until someone gets it done!