Anything else?I mean you’re obviously not allowed to disrespect the Drunk Aunts Matter shirt and his son who threw the Middle East in chaos for oil, because Americans are the good guys and we’re the bad guys in life’s Hollywood produced movie. Also loving how they just starting extremely racist jokes based on your arabic written name, despite the fact that it’s Nicholas a clearly Christian name.نيكولاس خوري Blame Muhammad for everythingCome on heehaa boys leave the man alone , he’s just expressing his opinion , and y’all attacking him for it then preach about freedom of speechok this is becoming too long, let us all agree that the bush family from grandfather father to father to son will go straight to eternal hellLotta Mundwiler and.

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most of these idiots dont have a clue that the Drunk Aunts Matter shirt instigates racism during republican terms.Best words ever said to a child both of my parents last words to me were I Love You!This breaks my heart. I hope that Sr, rests peacefully, I hope the pain that Jr will experience will subside over time.

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Add me back if you interested in knowing me moreThe children of Iraq and Panama are heart broken from the Drunk Aunts Matter shirt loss of this great humanitarian. We mourn in sadness one of the most humane war criminals in the world.Our American friends should learn geography better so to know that Kuwait and Yemen are on a different continent than the USA.

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But happy that he is now reunited with the Drunk Aunts Matter shirt of his life, Barbara for eternity and in peace. From the Philippines Our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family and to USA citizens. George Senior and Barbara had such a beautiful love story and I hope they are together again.

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RIP!That was so sweet, sad moment but at least He got tp say good bye and He loved His Dad. Who says, Best Wishes at a time like this?The last words to my parents were I love you so hard to lose your parents. my heartfelt condolences Harley Featherstone which ones would those be? The dead Iraqi soldiers Sadam sent into Kuwait?Never was a fan of either one during presidency but now later on in life I have a great respect for both Sr.