To all those comments that suggest that the girl would have learned to bully at home. Bullying, of course, is unacceptable, as long as the Dummy boy 6ix9ine shirt to teach his own daughter right thing, what is wrong with that. I applaud him for his right doing and admire his braveness to punish his girl even she just walks in the cold weather. In life, whatever you do, people sure have their own opinions but it’s important to stick on your own principles.

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Like you have a donkey, you don’t sit on it, you get the saying, then you sit on it, you still get some comments, so who cares, either way, everyone learned, both father and daughter. He did the Dummy boy 6ix9ine shirt have heavily punished my child too but I would never expose them on social media I don’t think that’s fair.

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This intervention of the father is not in any way related to what has happened before. Its a measure taken, but real understanding and a Dummy boy 6ix9ine shirt between father and daughter will not be achieved. Children need to learn there are consequences to their negative actions. Most parents these days try to protect theirs from dealing with the consequences of their choices.