Yes, There are many animals that are as smart as horses but they aren’t as much mistreated as a horse. The bit in the vid about asking for help, I can def agree with. My gelding once got himself over a fence between fields, the front half of him in 1 field and back half in another but had got stuck. I arrived at the field and usually, they would both come over to me but this time he looked around, saw Easily distracted by horses and dogs shirt was me and started neighing to me and throwing his head. My mare stayed with him. It was like he was saying “oi human, a little help”. From where I was I couldn’t see what he had done but I knew he needed me to go over to him. Then as I took the fence down around him he didn’t panic or move till I told him to back up 1 leg at a time as I lifted 1 then the other leg over the lower part of the fence. Luckily no injury.

Easily distracted by horses and dogs shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Easily distracted by horses and dogs Hoodie


We humans for too long have fancied ourselves the sole intelligence on this planet. Thankfully we now know better but for me, this video is a gentle reminder to treat our beloved pets, farm animals, and wild animals with reverence and a gentle touch.  In the Easily distracted by horses and dogs shirt, the one riding the English saddle was abused in the horse if you notice she had the reins held so tight and she kept kicking the horse at the same time the horse’s teeth were showing she was jamming his mouth by pulling the reins piece of this shirt.