She try to save Harry and Lily but bad things happened James isn’t even relevant, because always also he made fun of others, bad man. Was she secretly in love Fantastic Beasts – Niffler Coffee Christmas Shirt with Snape and went there to help Voldy and stuff happened. Was she horcruxed before that and intentionally, was it by her own will, against it or even without her knowing it beforehand, was horcruxing her a punishment, an accident or a reward. I nominate My Mother for her selflessness & Love for people She has helped many homeless kept them from eating out of the trash given them money & food Godly advise and has been a trooper herself She is a 30yr survivor of Breast Cancer

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We watched Fantastic Beasts, the crimes of grindelwald tonight. What a disappointment this movie was.I honestly am struggling to find anything positive to say about this movie. Some of Fantastic Beasts – Niffler Coffee Christmas Shirt were sort of cool I guess but otherwise I really got nothing. The story line was chaotic, very difficult to follow even if you’re a fan and many of the scenes the camera angles were moving so fast and close up that it was disorienting and confusing to watch.

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The characters choices throughout the move were just bizarre and most of the time very unsatisfying. Oh and they killed babies in this movie, then provided no justice or sense of Fantastic Beasts – Niffler Coffee Christmas Shirt for them. I mean I know it’s all fake but I left the theater feeling all gross and sad about that aspect of the movie. All together it was just weird and cringy and two and a half hours of my life I can never get back.