I got so much flack for mentioning that Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt on another page a few months back. Clearly, he will wing walk, they gave him pronounced tips on his wing bends. Like Smaug and like a bat. He will more than likely also stand on his legs too. I love it. Ghidorah is my favorite Godzilla nemesis.

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He’s probably using this wings to propel himself into the air. It’s already been confirmed he is bipedal, not a quadruped. It hasn’t been confirmed he’s bipedal. The monster arts model could just Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt be rearing up with his wings spread. No one knows for sure either way.

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Ghidorah would walk around on Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt all four while on land. I can’t wait to see the trailer later today since it’s past midnight here. I heard about that but people are still saying it’ll drop tomorrow at the convention in sao paulo then monday online.