They should have ended the show before killing him off. Now there are too many characters that I have no interest in. Their love story ups, downs was so beautifully written. There was so much that Grey’s Anatomy squad shirt and der had to overcome individually and together before becoming solidified as the iconic tv couple they are. They balanced each other out so well. I think that’s what all of the love interests after he is missing. If written right, I probably could ship her and a new love interest but as it stands now, its a no for me.

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I could care less if this show has no storyline, they need to keep it going forever how much do you wanna bet dreamed this happened and wasn’t actually. They just need to end this show. They are clearly running out of ideas don’t watch this if you’re not all caught up on greys but new season looks bet it was a Grey’s Anatomy squad shirt and she feels weird after seeing him since she had the dream we have to record this at your parents because I’m not waiting another 6 months.

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In season 2, when that lady is screaming and he’s trying to shut her up so he just screams in her face, I seriously fell in love with him right at that moment I love him more than anyone on the Grey’s Anatomy squad shirt does anything for someone he cares about or loves.