At the same time I think schools need to stop trying to tell parents how to parent, like, if I want to give my son a jaffa cake in his lunch, that’s my decision, not the I’m not short I’m Eevee size shirt to school at 4 full-time and parents would have time to support them more at home in this and prepare them. Mine turned 4 and 3 weeks later started school. He was toilet trained but did need other support.

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More classroom helpers are the answer. So why are schools always sticking their noses in, saying you can’t eat this, you can only eat that, you can’t wear that its too short, you can only wear that, it hides the I’m not short I’m Eevee size shirt in a certain way, you are allowed this shade of grey, but not that shade. Homework is out of hand, and causes stress and anxiety to many, from primary, right through to secondary school, with more and more workload put on pupils, as some head towards burn out.

I'm not short I'm Eevee size Sweater


I'm not short I'm Eevee size Tank top

Tank top

Teachers themselves sometimes don’t keep their opinions to themselves, and try and force parents and children into their way of thinking, and parents are told how to bring their kids. What a lovely blame culture we live in. I work in an I’m not short I’m Eevee size shirt and a parent, and trust me there are arguments for both!