They are trained, same as you train a dog, with persistence and rewards in order to exaggerate already existing movements. This is a clip from a demo at the Is my horse ok shirt and the horses are relaxed and amazingly calm throughout and seriously laid back as all the adults and kids going out of the demo got to give them a stroke. I can assure you a horse that had fear of humans because of mistreatment wouldn’t be letting kids pat their noses! These horses Are put through terrible treatment to get them to do these tricks. They do the same thing to the Tennessee walking horse.

Is my horse ok shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Is my horse ok Ladies


Is my horse ok Hoodie


They hobble them to make them do the stuff they do. These are traditional moves taught to horses when they were used in battle, kicks like this one would destroy an enemy behind a Is my horse ok shirt on horseback. These moves are still taught everyone should see a performance at least once! A mound of soft-serve choco-browns settled on my chest as I let her know that her money was on top of the dresser. She put her cherry-red heels back on, left the money and took off on her unicycle.

Is my horse ok Sweater


Is my horse ok Tank top

Tank top

I know that they are bred to be able to carry out the jumps & movements that they do but some needs to be forced by flicking them with whips under their feet to make them lift them higher. Doesn’t seem right to me needs no training to be this elegant, just some super fresh grass and a load of flies and me on him. They are the Is my horse ok shirt of horse that can maneuver an aerial.