I was using it in the way Jim mentioned. It’s a storytelling term. I didn’t mean to say Jesus didn’t rise from the dead. The story of Jesus is a structure that has been loosely used on all sorts of stories, including that Jeff Spicoli Colt 45 shirt.  I would though. It’s reincarnation. He isn’t a 100 % new Groot or lifeform.

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Like a phoenix, he is the same. Just reborn a new from his Jeff Spicoli Colt 45 shirt. I’m sorry but your explanation is pretty sloppy with a big loop hole you created after the fact.  I don’t understand the question. Yondu sacrificed his life for his son and Quill almost died but didn’t. They’re distinctly different story points.

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It’s funny because I feel we are reaching a point where all the exceptional things that are happening in the Jeff Spicoli Colt 45 shirt, all the outrageous events that are occurring are loosing their impact very, very quick. In other words: isn’t it inevitable that super-hero comics are going to get boring very soon?