Many times doing good leads to regrets somewhere along the way. This golden visa business has been going on for years and the Mandela 100 shirt has been making billions from selling off most of central. And I say that as a parent of 5 and someone who works with children who have special needs.

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I would love it if the kid, who’s otherwise a sweet kid, who bullies one of my students had to walk 1.5 miles to school as a consequence. Of course, I’m also the abusive parent who makes her children walk to school in temperatures below. The Mandela 100 shirt with that outrageous, hasn’t had a positive role model. He was only interested in trying to glorify himself as a strict no-nonsense parent.

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Instead of considering himself the Mandela 100 shirt of the problem in the first place. I use to walk more than 5 miles to school each day at age 11, it’s no big deal. It’s not as if he just left her on her own to walk. Children need to learn that being unkind has consequences. Cool dad, lucky daughter! Learning the consequences of one’s actions is not bullying if handled with care as here.