These makers are worried more about Mars and Pluto and starting wars than taking care of our own planet we will our or great-grandchildren will be living input the Free Kodak shirt is approaching. I hope that people do realism that the way they are consuming up the planet with their high demand for meat, goods and all else, would change.

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How dare you say I am ignorant, just because I have an opinion that Free Kodak shirt different to yours. Idea OS Dump Kali in my comment, I was saying it would be good for everyone to only have two children. Idea OS Dump Kali what a shame you couldn’t make a comment showing some respect for other people’s opinion.

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But hey don’t let facts get in the Free Kodak shirt of your ignorance continue to revel and encourage others to join you. Hilary Farrell Nail if you’ve been saying it for 50 years you’ve been wrong for 50 years.

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60 Lt; 2Austin Fine wouldn’t it be lovely to see these figures all over the Free Kodak shirt not just Europe. 47 children born per female, the total fertility rate of the EU started to increase again, to reach a level of 1. Try telling that to the Muslims and Indians Hilary Farrell Nail After hitting a historical low of 1.

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Think what progress we would have made by now, if we had two children per couple. It’s encouraging seeing people finally starting to talk about our ridiculous population explosion that Free Kodak shirt really only occurred in the last century. You explain to me in depth the long term effects of geoengineering and I might just listen but I’ve yet to hear anyone give that detail.


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