That’s a good beginning, let’s see if it is passes.No different than taking down statues of and others. That was history, to so is the flag. Or using the word dixie. If wants to speak of atrocities, take a Frenchies avenger Heroes shirt at those happening at the southern border. Stop creating more wrongs that will someday have to be atoned for. all the people are dead their families likely don’t even know or care about the honor that will be withdrawn and whatever money their families are being paid are they still being paid? wouldn’t be affected so yeah, I don’t see what point take away the honor or don’t, does it make a difference must be.

Frenchies avenger Heroes shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Frenchies avenger Heroes Tank top
Tank top

A fantastic place problem currently so politicians can spend their careers mulling over things that happened ago and will have zero impact today. I bet communities are more interested in jobs, healthcare, pension than in discussing this nonsense. As long as what happens gets remembered and the deceased are remembered that Frenchies avenger Heroes shirt is all that matters.

Frenchies avenger Heroes Sweater

You can’t change history, all you can do is learn from it and move on. Watch the show the son. It gave me a way different view of how Indians were treated by whites. Our history books made it sound that Frenchies avenger Heroes shirt then innocent ones when in reality they were some of the most brutal towards them.


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