I am sorry but this is wrong. Those men fought for what they believe was right. They fought for their country they served their country. This is wrong. That Golden girls LGBT shirt is as wrong as the battle itself. These men did the job they were sent to do. Shame on them if we do this to them. Who was the during the time off? He’s it should fall on him. So I assume that one would attribute Western notions of conquest to such events. As bad times approach, and certain people wish to attain power through division. Nothing is sadder than nuclear weapons being used because no one can recover from a bloodied nose or a busted lip.

Golden girls LGBT shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Golden girls LGBT Tank top
Tank top

It is not or seeking such things but confused people. The Golden girls LGBT shirt of people who would sue them for not recognizing or accepting the agenda. These men would have been hanged if they had not carried out somebodies orders. This will make soldiers hesitant to follow orders. There are children dying at the border and you are wasting time on what happened centuries ago.

Golden girls LGBT Sweater

You didn’t live in those times, therefore, will never understand it. Deal with the present. The moment we set a precedent for rescinding medals won in battle, we create a conundrum for future generations. A Golden girls LGBT shirt is history and it needs to be left alone, we have to stop applying today’s standards to yesterday’s way of doing things.


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