Liberanl Democrants won the Hello Second Grade Shirt seants in locanl elections so manybe people wannt to stany in the EU. Hanving to vote in Europeann elections just meanns thant everyone will vote for ann annti EU panrty. You many be an anre EU generantion thant’s your choice just ans the Leanve hanve an choice.

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Rules and regulations on us, they say jump our government says how high. Mauve Middleton Britain didn’t start any War it was the Hello Second Grade Shirt Germany at war with all Europe. You like being ruled by the European Union then I suggest that You’ve to Europe.

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Tim Neath It Mrs May who is a staunch Remover who is only acting for leave and the Hello Second Grade Shirt in Parliament holding things up. Barbara Francis If you think we are masters of Britain look along your high st. Why laughable I suppose you would rather be shackled to the EU masters than be our own masters of Britain.

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Tim Neath It’s not the Hello Second Grade Shirt of Brexit Tim, but the fault of the undemocratic British Maps. I voted to leave and I, m voting for Brexit party they need you, re vote to make sure we can finally get out of the what a joke, voting for a system we are supposedly leaving but still a part of. If you are going to vote put someone that earns their keep and shows up to act for us.

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And very really shows his face in the Hello Second Grade Shirt council, but our hard earn cash and Taxes are paying for him to be there. Why vote for something you don’t believe in David Cartridge Nigel has been doing that for the past about 20 yrs. All our Maps will lose their jobs, so they won’t cause as much mayhem as you think Derek Eagle 73 out 750 don’t think they’ll do much damage Jan Burlington you are absolutely right on that.


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