I think the major thing that Keep Smiling shirt is for rural areas to stop mowing the ditch lines along roads. I noticed in a lot of areas where I live they stopped. people are always so worried all my there’s a tall grass by that Farmer’s field. I think it makes for a nicer drive to actually see some wildflowers along the side of the road are a virus. They are destroying and making so many animals extinct. Growing up, I used to see butterflies and bees all the time. I actually recorded a butterfly with my phone today. Saw one at a greenhouse. There were flowers everywhere and the butterfly was just hoping to and from each one.

Keep Smiling shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Keep Smiling Tank top
Tank top

For those who consider them unimportant, consider this they, like bees, pollinate plants. Without pollinators such as monarch butterflies and bees also declining the Keep Smiling shirt that graces our tables would need to pollinate by hand, not to mention the plants that are consumed by the animals that we eat. Plus, the butterflies themselves provide food for some animals. It’s like playing with.

Keep Smiling Sweater

The food chain; how many pieces can be removed before the whole thing collapses, and we starve milkweed. Not an invasive plant, good for the environment and you will have monarchs the first year. Easy to do kids love them educational good for the Keep Smiling shirt is that difficult person.


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