I’m not a parent but even so, I have good instincts for children’s safety. Even so, a few weeks ago I was at a Koduck some me headaches shirt at a home with a pool and lots of kids around. I and a few parents of the kids were talking standing right by the edge of the pool when a little one got her head under and was and couldn’t swim and one of the moms jumped in with all her clothes on and got the little one out. It happened so fast and really really drives home how quickly things can go wrong with kids and pools/waterWay to go. A positive story for once. So thankful the little boy is safe and.

Koduck some me headaches shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Koduck some me headaches Tank top
Tank top

The parents were being watchful and aware. Excellent job dad. Kids always seem to find nooks and crannies and ways to get into something. I just love kids. Glad everything ended well true! Now imagine you are a Koduck some me headaches shirt of the countries! All parents have the same instincts and love for our children so glad this dad jumped in and was able to save.

Koduck some me headaches Sweater

The baby, but I wouldn’t have let my baby walk so close to the pool without a life vest or floaties on. And teach children starting as babies how to get to the Koduck some me headaches shirt of a pool and to swim. They love to learn and it’s life or death great job, dad. Make sure u secure ur pool section next time.


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