The pregnant mother used horrible judgment but many parents do, unfortunately. What self-respecting soon to be mother starts a fight to begin with knowing she is although some of the facts weren’t mentioned here, the fight was over a man, I’m assuming who both desired, and who was likely the baby daddy. The woman who fired the shots fired five times into the pregnant woman’s. To me, it is highly possible that she may have been these comments seriously makes me wonder about the people in our country. It faults that her child is dead. An unfortunate consequence from a Layne signatures shirt of events that she was in control of. That unborn child was the true victim in this.intending to harm/kill the baby months I’m sorry, but most the mother should get is assault and battery for fighting.

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She charged at the person holding the gun. Still, she didn’t know that she would be shot in the stomach. She should not be charged with the Layne signatures shirt of her baby. This is just someone trying to take advantage of the law and it’s disgusting. They’re saying it’s her fault because she initiated the fight with someone else, someone didn’t come at her, she went at them, the title here is misleading pregnant? Her actions caused a fight, but she didn’t have a gun. The only way that she could be responsible for getting shot would be if.

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I am thrilled she was indicted. Shame on her talk about backwoods. I initially thought this was going to be about using this to get an abortion. But, no. Under their bumpkin law, she endangered the Layne signatures shirt of her baby, and despite the shooter shooting her, I get that someone should be held Another low life adult who had no respect for.


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