They are just bringing children into the Lfg Usa shirt of those parents need to attend the cleanup since they taught their kids how to litter. Go write to the correct people rather than spouting absolute on social media if u all want change. In my experience it’s never worth trying to have a reasonable conversation with someone who deploys the emoji.

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Dump your rubbish then and expect the Lfg Usa shirt fairy to magically separate your greasy cardboard from your greasy pet bottles in council bins for recycling after all, you paid your taxes and no longer your problem, right. If you produce rubbish, you take it home with you and dispose of it in the appropriate recycling container. On a Sunday people used it for bar b Que when you walked by later they were clearing up all the bar b Que and even washing them and taking them home in bin bags.

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We spent a couple of holidays at a campsite by Lake Geneva there was a large park by the Lfg Usa shirt next door to the camp site. Fines can be imposed already for dropping litter I think it is up to £1000. Emma Louise informing they parent is OK but getting them involve to picking the litter sound stupid.

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To argue that Lfg Usa shirt litter is somehow the worst failure of parenting imaginable and some kind of genetic issue is bizarre in the extreme. Or for them to be disappointed and make the kids’ realism their actions impact mom and dad. Could be an oversight and if everyone waits for someone else to say something no one will Connery MBA for not teaching their kids’ not to litter.

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Jason Dillon yes, bins should be supervised daily, that’s one of the Lfg Usa shirt what we pay taxes for. Its disgusting Some older people just think they have a right to do what ever they want. Its nothing to do with the youth of today seen young and old throw litter.


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