Michael Lawrence Johnson the Meme Guy Sarim Akhtar Shirt has no money the farm subsidies are paid for with our own money. The amount people make out we pay to the EU is stupid, it’s the smallest contribution from the tax we pay. Linda Hogarth vote for a party that is pro Brexit with people who believe in it, show exactly what you want.

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Linda Hogarth You’ve been able to afford it for 40 years, and it never stopped you guys from taking advantage of the Meme Guy Sarim Akhtar Shirt subsidies. Skip is a bunch of clueless thugs polling card arrived this morning, so I think this was decided at least last week Fabulous. We is a sovereign independent nation with our own parliament thank you very many Men Gd Skip got nowhere in the Newport council elections and Newport was a Brexit city.

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Steve Proud poverty, the Meme Guy Sarim Akhtar Shirt the police, services are all being ignored because of your vote not being ignored. Prepare to be annoyed Stuart, in Spain by law we have to have two surnames and without a hyphen people assume I am Mr Speck. I refuse to vote again no point we voted leave and nothing happened then or now or the future you should have voted for the Brexit party then, don’t insult the people who fought to get you the right to vote.

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All the Meme Guy Sarim Akhtar Shirt that have been put up can’t be recycled either they are plastic coated and now there will be more costing the public purse God knows how much. Regards Anita Young Doesn’t say much for them saving the planet another forest cut down for useless pieces of paper. You can still vote without the polling card, you know, for people like you who misplace or accidentally bin it.

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Absolutely cannot believe this Meme Guy Sarim Akhtar Shirt happening now Mich more money and time I’d Mrs May going to be allowed to waste just trying to get her own way completely unacceptable. It’s the glum English chap with his top up of panic if you don’t know the future look away now. You like Scottish whiskey, we can’t help producing high quality goods so you feel your getting a better deal.


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