I think he was irresponsible and neglected his son until he was in the water. Who was watching the toddler inside the fence and running along the poolside chasing a ball? Instinct. His instinct should have been to prevent the toddler from falling into the pool wouldn’t have had to do that if you had an eye better on your kid instead of relaxing with a drink. The Meowmaid shirt is pointing at the kid before he even got up. Should have been over there as soon as he passed the gate. Lucky the child didn’t drown. My daughter was years old when my husband was walking right behind her and she took off running and my mommy senses kicked in because.

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I knew she was running straight for the Meowmaid shirt then same time she took off running I took off running and we met in the water together. perfect timing superhuman strength is what it takes for an adult to jump a fence. Let’s be real. It’s not like the guy broke a high jump record. Don’t get me wrong to the dad for doing what a dad should do after dad didn’t do what dad was supposed to do.

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Keep a better eye on small ones around a pool, guys. The Meowmaid shirt of this post is that a dad saved his son. Surely, he has learned his lesson to watch the kid properly he is why I taught me to swim at years old. Teaching kids to swim at an early age can be helpful. Glad his kid is okay.


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