I don’t believe this for even a half-second. Even when you stay on a plane for a turnover, the attendants go down each row. She is looking for a payout. This happened to me when I was in kindergarten I woke up on a school bus after everyone got dropped off. I made it just fine get over it The Milk almonds not cows shirt of no one from the airline bothered to check the plane after it landed? something isn’t right here the dark? You ever took a plane to and it refueled and flew to? Shut up. I once went to sleep and woke up an active duty military personnel. I still can’t sleep at night have gone without sleep to be that deep in sleep.

Milk almonds not cows shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Milk almonds not cows Tank top
Tank top

The Milk almonds not cows shirt is at fault. This isn’t the first time on this airline. Another passenger had the exact same issue and the airline said they immediately implemented protocols. Apparently, It’s not funny, she was still strapped into her seat, someone didn’t do their job, just glad she’s ok. This happens on school busesnotShame deplaning passengers couldn’t nudge her.

Milk almonds not cows Sweater

She could’ve been ill. From her pic, she looks medicated with and sleeping pills how can the aircraft land and she didn’t wake up I think she’s lying. How on earth could one sleep like that in a short flight? Imagine the discomfort during maybe she went to the Milk almonds not cows shirt than expected once.


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