I get that someone should be held low life adult who had no respect for. This is too much! She’s most likely heartbroken losing the baby. No, she shouldn’t have got in the fight but don’t punish her for something that is probably eating her alive protecting her unborn baby. She was more worried about the sperm donor than her baby responsible for this however, the Motherlicker I’m old I Got all thing shirt is a little misguided. Was the other woman charged as well? Yes, she can definitely have a right to defend herself but isn’t shooting a pregnant woman in the stomach a little extreme? She definitely inflicted the woman with as much pain as humanly possible. For most women losing their unborn child is worse than death.

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They do everything to protect a fetus just to end up putting that fetus in jail when it’s an adult these people are freaking crazy they care more about that than a woman who is a gunshot victim!decline to charge her because of a defense plea and charge the woman shot? I’m sorry but I agree. She wasn’t thinking about that baby when she made the decision to get into a fight. That Motherlicker I’m old I Got all thing shirt of consideration and decision resulted in that babies death. She is responsible.

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She is not a victim how about you fix your education system so that you understand how critical thinking works. I first saw the headline I thought While I understand the logic they are using, it sets a dangerous precedent. What’s next we prosecute someone who rode a horse, jumped on a trampoline, or rode in a car and caused injury to an unborn fetus? It just opens a Motherlicker I’m old I Got all thing shirt of words seriously? But after reading what happened it’s clear.


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