It teaches the children(hopefully) to put their rubbish in a bin or their bag. Kids at a local school here throw their litter yards away from their teachers that are on litter patrol. I wouldn’t dream of throwing litter on the floor but the people who do need to face consequences. I don’t litter but I see people do it all the Official Freedom served fresh daily shirt time even when there’s a bit no more than a few meters away. Sorry for answering again as someone has already replied to you, stupid Facebook didn’t update and it looked like no one had replied already I really thing the initiative is excellent. Stephan J Faulkner keep hold of it til I saw another bin or take it home.Official Freedom served fresh daily shirt

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And sorry if you don’t know how to teach your children that because it is honestly really sad. You can keep passing it of but if a good kid knows that throwing litter is wrong they wouldn’t even consider doing it, even if their friends are. The Official Freedom served fresh daily shirt kids’here are just lazy irresponsible Kids may act to fit in with their peers regardless of what they’ve been taught by their parents.


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They are just bringing children into the realm of culpabilityPerhaps those parents nees to attend the Official Freedom served fresh daily shirt clean up since they taught their kids how to litter. Selek aCan people please read the article, littering is already an offence for adults. On a Sunday people used it for bar b que when you walked by later they were clearing up all the bar b que and even washing them and taking them home in bin bags.


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