This ought to be required reading for all head teachers and those looking to appoint new staff. Cutting funding to schools when they are often the Rapinoe Bird 2020 Shirt chance for people on the bread line is horrific. What can I say but this is the UK in 2019, and it’s just going to get worse.

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Eh prob wales etc think they diff from everyone else not fair on certain things became a school governor to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I feel very sorry for the Rapinoe Bird 2020 Shirt that are suffering here and this school is doing a wonderful thing. The government think that people on universal credit can live well on what they are given, has anyone from the government tried to live off that kind of money on a regular basis.

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Also, so sad that Rapinoe Bird 2020 Shirt staff that are helping these children and their families are facing redundancy too. Just hope other schools don’t have to go this way to support systems failings. I’ve known a few in my time, and no matter whether a solution focus is found, some people just don’t want to work and are quite happy living off the State.

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Kate MacDonald Jim Nelson has a point some families are on their 2nd 3rd generation benefits lifestyle. Curiosity, compassion and a solution focus is a more proactive response don’t you think. This government are an absolute disgrace Jim Nelson everyone has a story (including you to come to such a judgmental conclusion).

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Tony Holman soda is not cheaper than juice, you get a full bottle of diluted juice for the Rapinoe Bird 2020 Shirt of a can of pop. Soda is cheaper than juice, processed food is, especially if you need a meal right now and if you don’t know have the time to cook, way cheaper. Poverty begets poverty, and one other huge national health problem in the entire west is that capitalism had made fast food cheaper than healthy food.


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