I would have high blood pressure in an hour traffic jam too but couldn’t afford a Rose are red and so am I shirt that my driver called in for me. We all know the truth here. They patient in a traffic jam must be a billionaire that’s why he afford to call a helicopter in unexpected traffic jam had he knew in time he would have boarded the helicopter directly without using the bad has been the main factor in that traffic jam cause the roads connecting the eastern path to the west is so bad. Was it a stolen helicopter? What if he needed to have a business completed within that time space? Poverty can make people do unnecessary assumptions is it ur money.

Rose are red and so am I shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Rose are red and so am I Tank top
Tank top

You are quick to respond to this particular story but always fall asleep when are killed and maimed by herdsmen, shame on you. That my business if I like I cruize my car boat what the headache if I land to rescue my poor friend on deadly traffic due to pothole which criminal gov can’t fix. Why and cannot carry news that Rose are red and so am I shirt of the world only for their own selfish interest.

Rose are red and so am I Sweater

See all that Rose are red and so am I shirt is happening in Nigerian none of you have ever reported it for the world to see and know what is going on, how many people have been killed in this year that’s why to call you fake news. Because has oil, the would be on top of their affairs are for peasants if I could I would have too.


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