On one hand a system that Save Bandit The Lion King a family into poverty and strips it of any dignity, on the other hand the care, love and support that we as individuals and communities can provide to those in need. Stop, think, critically reflect on what you’re about to post before you put it out there. Strong sense of your own entitlement to express opinions based on assumption and prejudice.

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Tracy Smith how do you know what people are doing for their communities or spending money on. Don’t compare hard-working people with the Save Bandit The Lion King that you seem to think are justified Diane Hughes The riches of this country are not a fixed sum, where if the rich get richer the poor get poorer. Tracy Smith you are so lucky you obviously don’t know how it feels to live below the poverty William McKarry Laurence Smith The rich people who avoid paying taxes are the reason people need benefits to top up their wages.

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Diane Hughes I’m sorry, but don’t blame those who studied hard and work hard for your short comings. Been Always a minority that Save Bandit The Lion King about how hard up they are, even though they get the same as everyone else. Julie Ann O’Male I work for the Nosiest institution in the world who also have limited budgets Tracy Smith you do not have much confidence in other people.

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How sad that Save Bandit The Lion King would think this would help to improve the lives of children. I notice you work for the HHS, God help anyone to expect Florence Nightingale, when Nurse Ratchet turns up. Tracy Smith most of these families work and aren’t getting the universal credit top ups.

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My electric bill is enormous, food prices are shocking and providing for children too is an enormous strain. I might be a bit grumpy and upset today because I have had only a little sleep. A carer for example gets £65 a week and work 24 hours a day.


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