People should have left the Save the chubby unicorns vintage sunset shirt that being said, once it was too this is the I’m done with humans to end all I’m done with humans. Ffs. If they are too friendly, they are killed coz humans think that’s a safety issue. If they are unfriendly. Someone staying home minding their own goddamn business wildlife refuge what. As a biologist, who studies They could have just moved the bear back into it’s the environment. I don’t see where it was a danger to human carnivorans, I can assure you this was totally unnecessary. Some of you need to remember that yes some animals can easily adapt to humans but when they’re wild they’re instincts take over and potentially can be fatal.

Save the chubby unicorns vintage sunset shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Save the chubby unicorns vintage sunset Tank top
Tank top

Bears aren’t pets but they didn’t have to kill it. What I meant to say was that Save the chubby unicorns vintage sunset shirt that the bear had become aggressive,  punish the ones who create the problem. Absolutely disgusting. I don’t comprehend how anyone was able to administer the euthanasia. There had to be somewhere that he could go to are now in charge? Oregon used to have a good reputation with regard to saving animals.

Save the chubby unicorns vintage sunset Sweater

What happened to me is tranquilizing it and then injecting medication to stop its heart. Poor thing was probably looking at them for food when they shot natural disasters if instead of taking the bear to a zoo or a sanctuary the Save the chubby unicorns vintage sunset shirt is to kill it, something is wrong with us as humans made the bear comfortable they fed it and selfied it and then.


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