The creator gave humans dominion over then we have failed miserably. I hope we can make the changes urgently but one thing for sure when we are gone the earth will still live on I find it funny that creationists are lecturing us on science. Especially when even the bible says we were given dominion and tasked to take care of the earth he supposedly created. That Shiny let’s be bad guys vintage sunset shirt of unbridled industrialization and reckless consumerism itself has been doing more harm to humans and. It’ll need deep rethinking and revolutionary changes in the way the world looks at the meaning, vision, and purpose of progress.

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We know that Shiny let’s be bad guys vintage sunset shirt is just a now estimate. Everything else about climate change melting of the polar ice caps has turned out to be happening way faster than anyone could have imagined. This climate issue is real. A lot of us will probably not be around to see the horrific consequences. We need to take care of our planet now before it’s too late fear tactics love the gullible people.

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This was the same thing they did back in the Shiny let’s be bad guys vintage sunset shirt of the impending ice age. Then in they claimed all the ice caps would be gone and flood all coastal areas. Then they change it from global warming to climate change. You know after crying wolf so many times by these so-called experts, it’s amazing how many people still believe them.


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