Hugs Rock it’s your thoughts not my, Islam only gives the Show Me Your Kitties Shirt rights for every one not only women. You should read more, explore more, and you will find god in your self by being a decent thinking human being. Especially Islam, the religion of angry and outdated and anti equal women rights rules.

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Every person is god, and should act like one, but not follow the Show Me Your Kitties Shirt imaginary stories. The man so great he foresaw nothing but his own life in stone age times.

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Ut I don’t know why some stupid people won’t understand Bill least there is Allah. By the Show Me Your Kitties Shirt of this century, the world is no Iqbal Yeah right, it’s OK for you to say, you are not a homosexual, a woman, a child, an animal or a Hindu or Christian. They rely too much on technology now, while nature is so complex that no technology can simulate that.

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With our current understanding of how our planet works it would be like asking a 3 yr old to fix your car. Do some research about it and you’ll be surprised that Show Me Your Kitties Shirt happened AROUND YOU right now i. Your just a typical wee man who doesn’t believe in Climate change so u feel less guilty driving your high level emission car and eating all the methane endured meats.

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Lots of factors on earth are under dispute and that’s why the Show Me Your Kitties Shirt isn’t settled. Of course Earth has its own massive climate drivers but if the sun has a bigger splutter than it does now then things are going south pronto. Personally I prefer a warm world to an ice age one (That would be a catastrophe).


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