It’s a world country do actually believe that their health care system is that Socialism is Coming shirt that a call for high blood pressure will send a helicopter to rescue him, you honestly think a billionaire was driving through there, to begin with? You’re a billionaire. Time is money. You’re not going to be taking the time to drive everywhere. the whole killings, and political wars going on for years you can’t show that instead, you are reporting this nonsense. I take no issue with a billionaire escaping traffic by way of a hired helicopter. Jealousy won’t get you your own helicopter. When I was in school, a pencil with a rubber on the end was a luxury.

Socialism is Coming shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Socialism is Coming Tank top
Tank top

I always had to have a separate rubber. Now they all seem to have rubbers on the Socialism is Coming shirt then my pencil fell on the ground one day my professor forbid me to pick it up because I was delusional and I did not see graphite on the ground spent a fortune on a pen to write in zero gravity. The scientist handed the pencil with a sharpener that trapped.

Socialism is Coming Sweater

The trimmings spent millions of dollar to make a Socialism is Coming shirt that works in space, just use pencil, so the humble pencil is not underrated I was taken to the infirmary with my comrade. I’ve always preferred a regular pencil to the mechanical ones. Now, with the worries over plastic waste, they are an even better choice.


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