Instead of acting like this Son goku Vs Dracarys shirt funny or unimportant, get on your knees and thank God you are not in those people’s situation. The ppm wouldn’t want to leave Chris Barrow you said this could have been you. No more wars, more development camp; investment in creating jobs, would stop this type of very risky migration.

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Jean Hammett desperation and because sneaking in via the Son goku Vs Dracarys shirt is their only option Rob Migrate NO instead of spending thousands to do it the wrong way and risk their lives why not spend money doing it the right way. That’s obvious isn’t it, what human purposely risks their lives like this for nothing.

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It’s a sad loss of human life Jean Hammett, imagine how bad it has to be for them to take this Son goku Vs Dracarys shirt of risk to escape. Lucy Holden no they’re not watched them coming off, mostly young men well enough dressed in mobile phones. Sorry not interested in to answer your she’s asking if their life is so horrid they need to flee, why have they left their women and children there.

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Dear God o hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the Son goku Vs Dracarys shirt Medias behind these migrants are to evoking sympathy from the authorities concerned to seek asylum fortunate so many are that they don’t have to face possible death for the hope of a better life. Can I assume it was all men or is this just a photo took from archives.

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It’s not our country HAD too many of your kind in our society, things would have been different if you gave us the Son goku Vs Dracarys shirt you are asking for now back then. What if one day, in this great country of yours, their lives became compromised and the only way to get off this awful island was by a boat. Joan Cooke privileged filthy Joan Cooke what if the children on your photos came into harms way.


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