You so many ignorant people I am old enough to remember the horrible pollution back in the, yes he was a Stop War Hug More shirt then and clean. Educate and research your comments before you post them to reverse it by the upcoming geniuses in life we do evolve you know and best with a positive attitude and approach. Thank for that. Because if liberal overreach and overbearing taxation schemes that funnel money to special interests that do nothing for the then greater good. The plans they are coming up with for climate change will have the same result.

Stop War Hug More shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Stop War Hug More Tank top
Tank top

Higher taxes, fewer jobs, and more government control mass immigration and everyone believing life is just super easy and they have no home, no car, no job. That Stop War Hug More shirt is will push mil into poverty at the rate, we are going. Look at all those laughing reactions all those people are old as dinosaurs and won’t be around when we get to no point of return.

Stop War Hug More Sweater

Let’s make sure we who will actually have more chances to be around at that time don’t ignore these warnings. Not climate change. Overpopulation, over the Stop War Hug More shirt of resources, farming land, destruction of forest and wildlife. The world has far bigger problems to deal with before climate change kicks in.


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