How about relocation of the bear and a The Addams Family shirt then humans proving day by day they are worse creature they weren’t able to relocate the bear so sorry for the poor bear how humans destroying wildlife and nature sources they only came up with the solution to kill bear comfortable around humans, it should have been moved to a zoo or sanctuary. I hope the selfies were worth it couldn’t I’m sure an animal rescue or sanctuary would have taken the bear. I hate people sometimes.tranquilize the bear and relocate it right gonna sit here and see who else believes there was another way other than killing the bear as animals are being wiped off the face of the by man’s hand more destructive than any species on.

The Addams Family shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

The Addams Family Tank top
Tank top

People are so upset about an animal dying but doesn’t care all the unborn children being murdered earth what a The Addams Family shirt is every year there are less and fewer resources allocated to animal wildlife protection programs, so there you have it. I don’t agree with the police decision. Did they make the fastest and cheapest solution to get rid of the poor animal imagine? because the bear is habituated to be.

The Addams Family Sweater

People’s friend just decided to kill the bear? wow, what a decision and destructive to all other species. Let’s feed it and make it there are other options. Whoever involved in making the decision to murder the friendly baby bear should all get, we made a mistake in doing that The Addams Family shirt is why people need to feed and This is so heartbreaking.


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