Thomas Hume you are right, it’s almost like they had their strongest and brightest people ripped from their countries, their societies disrupted to please the The Lion king LGBT shirt Away Dharma yes, because the atrocities are carry out by white men, they kill and stole African resources. Take him he’s an idiot, and he’ll sell your country to Russia in the heartbeat.

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People go to Tunisia on holiday, they would have been better off than most homeless people here just setting up a tent where they already were. Given that The Lion king LGBT shirt are a democratic country we all have to accept some responsibility. Rob Paris it’s maybe not perfect here but it’s a great deal better than the dreadful devastation they are fleeing from.

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Away Dushanbe yeah, cos that The Lion king LGBT shirt working out so well for people in countries like the US. What hope so unarmed civilians have against that when they can’t organism themselves into a fighting force to start with. Man u took but u don’t know tomorrow, any big For can start from your country n Africa could be the safe place for u t stay in, so took less what goes around comes around.

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And the The Lion king LGBT shirt only accuse the foreign companies for the mess in their country. But instead of using that money to build their country, the governments take the money and put it in private Swiss bank accounts, for themselves. Let’s see what your employer thinks of your post end of your job Lassen Helium As I understood, the foreign companies that mine in African countries, pay a lot of money to those governments.

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Rob Paris tell your politicians to stay there and don’t come to us in Africa to destroy our lives and steal our fortunes Rob Paris seriously. What if you got raped or your home gets bombed and your baby got killed. Am so sorry our people ceiling and killing in Libya Eritrea people died in Libya Sharia Seem.


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