I thought years ago said earth would is destroyed by now, the east coast was supposed to be underwater by now. What happened, that a The mighty gods of beer shirt is right it has never happened so now they gotta come up with something else years out into the future. Well, all you gotta do is read. It tells you all you need to know, at what it says will happen. There’s not enough money or humans to stop it. The climate changed way before man and will change way after man. The earth has had warm times and cold times before man and will way after man. What difference does it make, if we only have years left on this planet?

The mighty gods of beer shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

The mighty gods of beer Tank top
Tank top

A is the magic words the keep using, would, could. Climate change was invented for global government and first dividing parties In the. Anything you are for I’m against syndrome. Keep us divided rather than united a The mighty gods of beer shirt is the goal here and always has been. The problem is overpopulation. But our politicians are focused on student loans and trade deficits. The government will not save us from ourselves.

The mighty gods of beer Sweater

All global warming, climate change or whatever they are calling it this week is, a way to control every aspect of our lives with taxes and regulations. While goons like al gore and bill nye and make millions off this ridiculous lie. Everyone who used the laughing emoji should be dropped off in a The mighty gods of beer shirt of miles from civilization.


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