If I ask you whether you want Option A or Option B don’t you need to know what those options are before you can tell me. However, I agree that Weed 2pac Shirt we deliver Brexit should possibly be put to the people. But if you’re right that most people didn’t know what they were voting for the first time I think all options should be on the table including Remain.

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Steven Moves Yes, I think there should be a vote on whether the Weed 2pac Shirt on offer is the Brexit people voted for. Robert Piper I bet 99% of the UK population voted on one simple question without knowing any manifesto on either side. A lot of the people who voted Leave might want ‘no deal’ but that’s not what the vote was for.

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A slim majority voted Leave, and the Weed 2pac Shirt manifesto promised a deal (the easiest deal in history ring any bells. If you want a chance to vote for No Deal then lobby your MP for a referendum with that as an option. No deal was never on the table, it was never part of the Leave campaign, someone has been filling your head with big and clever, but a country still needs things to function.

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Everyone should vote in the Weed 2pac Shirt elections, but not for Labor, Conservatives or Lib Demo. The tigers want to change the UK, But are standing in the EU elections to KEEP the status quo. The EU wouldn’t be able to work which appears to give us a very good advantage in negotiations.

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Brexit party has got my vote What more do you expect from this Weed 2pac Shirt when the politics say one thing and do Another cares. Let’s see this madness die please and move on to more important issues like climate change. Jackie Osborne Greens or Lib Dem’s clear Remain party’s But, but weren’t they all supposed to be u elected bureaucrats.


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