I have to stop watching the moment you tear open the packets. It’s like watching someone bite into a Ramen pool party shirt that he didn’t take the time to toast the Ramen noodles and almonds in that second dish. Especially since he has sesame oil.  That ramen carbonara looks almost to die for. And don’t worry Frankie, I love those Starbucks sriracha packets also.

Ramen pool party shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Ramen pool party Ladies


Ramen pool party Hoodie


Dude I made chicken parmesan with ramen only way my 4 kids will eat chicken. Also, I made ramen with spaghetti and other weird foods too so my kids would eat all they want is ramen thanks for some more ideas to play around with ramen. Finally, you took my ideas, not that I mentioned them but I do this with Raman all the time. I also elevated the Ramen pool party shirt to make a soup show I can give you tons of great ideas. For really cheap too!

Ramen pool party Sweater


Ramen pool party Tank top

Tank top

Love this show. Idea: an episode showing many recipes to use up one set of ingredients flour, green onions, chicken, veggies can become green onion bread and an Asian chicken, easy to turn that into sandwiches and soup. So, technically the Ramen pool party shirt is cooked – crunchy and delicious.