If I’m with them I’ll give the Roman for life shirt how can you put on nightclub dresses and go with it at work would devil allow your prayers to be answered? If filmmakers would just create original stories and characters and don’t just genderswap old ones, we’d be a huge step forward. From a writer’s perspective characters are to be in a certain way. They shouldn’t be changed in favor of forced correctness, a person is like.

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In reality, you can’t make people like a certain president with weird hair a woman and think it’s going to be a better world either. And rest female characters are optional like a Roman for life shirt of tomb raider, ocean 8, ghostbuster is not interested never watch. I don’t think it really matters like others have said a good story is key.

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But a good director with a Roman for life shirt for the said story will produce a fantastic film. It sucks that at this point in history, that instead of men being expected to be decent human beings, we are needing to have this discussion. But we are. I can’t speak for other countries, but from what I see it remains the same in most.