The lights idea is amazing even though I don’t really use the tables on my damn screen because I as well use a tablet. I use fight club for all my statistics and character sheets. I always keep the Shrek Script shirt in case my tablet dies in the middle of something it’s just a really quick easy reference for me to look at. Not to mention you can hand over a half covered page for a player to read or so on. Mine am using scry, with d20 and Pathfinder files loaded into it.

Shrek Script shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Shrek Script Ladies


Shrek Script Hoodie


I currently use scry and dnd sheets, as well as have the books in pdf, and a bunch in hardcover. I had a decent digital map maker with drag and drop tiles, but I must have deleted it. And a few dif dice rollers. Anything to make the turns quicker. All my people I have to roll their attack at the Shrek Script shirt of a new round of they are attacking. So it’s out the way. My phone was picking up that noise which was very very mild compared to my voice. Even my phone doesn’t wanna listen to me. Sounds like you are cutting into fresh construction paper every time!

Shrek Script Sweater


Shrek Script Tank top

Tank top

Nothing needs to be changed about the storyline nor the movies. They are great as they are! The fact that they are rebooting movies that were released in the Shrek Script shirt is just making me feel ancient. Doesn’t anyone in showbiz have an original idea? Stop remaking you are ruining everything!