Look at the waste hope its turned into treats as well should show that like little stars in anything it’s beautiful I can’t wait to try to make it my son and husband are going to love it. I feel like he made it look harder to make than it really is. I was glad when the sped it up. I would have made another one with the Smoochie time Christmas tree sweater by putting the spines of the 2 triangles together and using a rectangle as the trunk – then there would be less waste only more waste.

Smoochie time Christmas tree sweater, hoodie, long sleeve and t-shirt

Smoochie time Christmas tree Ladies


Smoochie time Christmas tree Hoodie


This is what Christmas should be about families together decorating villages all over the world visiting loving memories celebrating. I would have someone build that for me. I have a Smoochie time Christmas tree sweater and nowhere to set it up. Just looking at this reminds me of my village, if you want mine I’ve got maybe 8 or 9 I could bring them with me. I’ve officially decided that I want your villages in the will no one else has claimed them so they’re mine.

Smoochie time Christmas tree Longsleeve


Smoochie time Christmas tree Shirt


I wonder how or what she puts under the villages so they are not falling downward. I would love to do something like that villages Christmas. My daughter has a Smoochie time Christmas tree sweater but only puts it up for Christmas. I have never thought of that, any school or maybe a cookie school gingerbread house or a witch school.