Which is good. I saw the latest, Creed 2, which was unexpectedly well done (and mercifully kept Stallone outa the ring). As a longtime boxing fan I’d go so far as it’s possibly one of the best boxing movies ever. Stallone clearly loves the Stallone reading Rambo Sweater. But he’s quite right when he says Creed is Rocky’s epitaph and it’s time to move on.  I nominate my son Jackson but he doesn’t have a Facebook he created a fundraiser at his school between ELA,NHS, and the Theatre dept to buy therapeutic toys for individuals with Autism. So proud! because he did it in the name of his brother. Not to mention he volunteered at the Rotary Club, Fire Dept and Rotary club this past summer volunteering and he volunteered over 130 hours. He created a T-shirt and it’s for sale to give to the disabled. He had a benefit at his school. The town was so impressed they put it in the paper. Again I nominate my son! It would have to go through my Facebook because he doesn’t have one.

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I never liked “Rocky”, primarily because he trolled Muhammad Ali, one of my favorite heros. Then one day, I realized that Stallone reading Rambo Sweater. It is how Ali actually lived his life, inspiring humanity. He took the blows and all the hardship that life sent his way, he “did it his way” to the very end. As I watched this piece, I was satisfied and humbled at what both men did with their lives. I’d like to think I did it my way also.

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I did not know all of this at the time, but I met Sky during his ushering days when I drove his brother frank to see him in Manhattan. Sly came down to the car where I was waiting and thanked me for bringing frank by. He seemed like a very nice person. I have liked Stallone reading Rambo Sweater. The first rocky films, the rambo series, and the expendables series are particular favorites. It would be nice to meet him again and thank him for that first meeting and be able to tell him how much I like his films.