I’d think it was a joke, toss it in the Stitch Ohana ugly Christmas sweater how important a name can be. I’m assuming she hasn’t started school yet. Because the joking has just begun. That poor girl will be teased the rest of her life she would have had both the longest and shortest name in the world and one of the few on the planet that is written in a universally accepted language.

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Has the mother given any thought to the possibility that she’s partly to blame? She could’ve been a little more creative with the Stitch Ohana ugly Christmas sweater and must have somehow had an inkling that the spelling would somehow someday bring some problems? The mom heard the doctor say it while delivering her baby and thought it was a pretty word.

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Somehow I’m having a hard time feeling sympathy, not for the Stitch Ohana ugly Christmas sweater has a long life of explaining ahead of her. For her I feel sorry, but please, how can you be surprised-insulted or whatever as a parent? The kid is 5 and she has a thousand people making fun of her.