The one thing I always wanted to do was see him perform. Never got The Jackson 5 cartoon shirt but I got this see this show live. That was more than enough. Years later I think Micheal so much for people around the world that we still remember him. The other day I was jamming out to his song and my son who has never seen him perform nor his videos started dancing like him. Its amazing put a tape in front of kids these days they have no idea what it is put Michael Jackson on and some child gonna break out the moonwalk and know every word to his songs. I’ll never forget being there that night watching those brothers back together.

The Jackson 5 cartoon shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

The Jackson 5 cartoon Ladies


The Jackson 5 cartoon Hoodie


I just read some of these comments and someone said nobody can get an audience so excited the way Michael did, that is so true and nobody ever will be able to. Michael either had his audience members excited or memorized, I remember being both that night. His music was universal, even my grandmother in Africa who couldn’t speak English could sing his songs. He was one of The Jackson 5 cartoon shirt and is sorely missed! To see how their brotherhood has lasted and they can still do it just like they started.

The Jackson 5 cartoon Sweater


The Jackson 5 cartoon Tank top

Tank top

I wish more than anything I could have gone to this concert. The Jackson 5 cartoon shirt to even being in their presence is everything! Very talented. I also grew up with these old school songs. Magic when wonder sang with Michael Jackson at one of his concerts. My favorite performance was great to see them together again. I was so excited to see it the best part of the 30th-anniversary show.