Those beautiful little girls have developed such The Muppet Pearl Drums Shirt and non-fearful, confident, and caring, and independent attitude. They know who they are and who they belong to, no one will ever be able to take that away. I love that you guys are using your platform to support small local businesses! awesome stuff and super cute babies. I want to see the twins discover eating sushi. My mom started my siblings and me at a young age, so I’d love to see them experience and even make it.

The Muppet Pearl Drums Shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

The Muppet Pearl Drums Ladies


The Muppet Pearl Drums Hoodie


Great way to promote local business and your girls. Another fun episode to watch. Loved watching the girls excitement as they were learning. Future show ideas: something hands-on involving science, working with The Muppet Pearl Drums Shirt to make a mini-masterpiece, going to an animal shelter and learning about the lives of some of them and then getting to play with some of the kid-friendly ones.

The Muppet Pearl Drums Sweater


The Muppet Pearl Drums Tank top

Tank top

Looking forward to seeing more, loving. This is a wonderful idea, by the way. teach the girls, promote local businesses and The Muppet Pearl Drums Shirt is stressed out about making. I love how you implement different things and their lives and allow them to be them in the process.